Kortnie at the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Ever Round of Blood Tests

So, it's official, Kortnie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) 3 months ago. That means that she had her first round of blood tests. She'll need to do these tests every 3 months forever I guess. Anyways, this time all they ordered was a GlycoHemoGlobin (otherwise known as an A1C result), I guess that as time goes on they order tests for thyroids and other issues too. (we are still learning and absorbing all of this massive amount of information) Anyways, when she was diagnosed her A1C was an 8.9 and when she got tested this time it was down to a 6.9!

Here's the breakdown according to our Doc's a "normal" person will be around a 4 or 5, Kortnie should be around 6.8-7.5 with 6 being too low and 8 being too high. So there we are sitting in the office and the doctor is checking out Kork's results and he says, "She's normal", so of course I was totally relieved that she was in her range because I was worried that she'd be too high, I swear I never know if I am doing anything right, when we check her blood sugars all day she is all over the place and it makes me crazy! I like things just right, patterns, everything in it's place, everything turning out just the way I want it, and Kortnie's diabetes doesn't EVER follow suit. I am having a hard time making a place for the chaoticness of it. (enough of that, that's another post entirely), So like I said, the Doc said "she's normal" and I am happy, and Korky pipes up with, "I'm normal? So my diabetes is gone?" BIG SIGH, such a literal child, what more can we ask from a 5 year old though, really? So, no Kork your diabetes isn't gone, what Dr B is trying to say is that you are "normal" for a diabetic, "Oh" she says with a confused look on her face, "okay baby, by "normal" we mean that your results are "normal" for your diabetes and we did a good job keeping your blood sugar under control, you still have diabetes, forever, but we did a good job handling it, and we have to always do a good job so you can always have "normal" test results"....."okay mom" BIG SMILE, but I can tell this is just more info that her sweet 5 year old brain is having a hard time processing. Over all, it sucks, but we'll continue dealing and living with it, we'll get to be so it's just a regular part of life, right?


  1. 6.9~ That's awesome!! Great job mom & Kortnie.

    I just came across your blog because you won Jill's blog giveaway :) Congrats!!! So I figured I would pop on over and say hello.

    I'm Lora, I have 2 kiddos... Justin(9) was dx'd 10-21-08 and Leighanna(10) is a non d.
    You can learn more about us at
    I can't wait to read more about you guys :)

  2. Don't let the numbers define you. We've worked hard for two years to finally get down to 8.0.

    Lots of resources for T1 families on my website D-Mom Blog (http://www.d-mom.com) and you can find D-Mom Blog on Facebook too.

    Take care,

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