Kortnie at the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Giveaway

I've been really getting into reading the fellow D-blogs out there, a pretty tight knit community of mom's, they do all kinds of fun things like giveaways, D-feast Friday, and art projects, check out some of the links to the right. I still have more to add and hopefully I'll find the time to sit down and really update the blog and get it up to speed soon. For now, check out this cool giveaway over at D-Tales!



  1. Jump in anytime :)

    If you'd like to do a give away or add a submission to Blogger Basal, we'd love to have you join the fun!

    Come on in .... the water's fine .... tide might be high .... or low .... but what else is new around here!

    You're part of the DOC just by being here!

    D mamas heart other D mamas!

  2. Thanks so much for posting about the contest!

    Welcome to our tight-knit community! :)

  3. Hi! I found your blog this morning over at Heidi's D-Tales. I am in AZ as well, and my son was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to getting to know you!