Kortnie at the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A crap week

Monday was long, Tuesday was tiring, and today has not been great either.   This morning, I forgot to put a carb count in Kortnie's lunchbox.  Every afternoon after school she makes herself a lunch for the next day, in the morning before school I am supposed to put a carb count in her lunch and make sure she has her checker (her test kit) before she leaves.  This morning, I forgot.  I also forgot to give her the medicine she is taking for her UTI.  Around 10am I realized I had forgotten the medicine, I go pick up her brother from Kindergarten at 10:45, so I just took the medicine with me then.  She came to the office and took her "yucky" medicine, I picked up Graham and came home.  My phone was beeping at me, telling me that it wanted to be charged.  I put it on the charger, I got the little girl I babysit on the bus, I made lunch for Graham and I, then I came into the living room to fold laundry and watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.  I finshed the laundry and laid down on the couch, the next thing I know, Kortnie was walking in the door with her Nurse from school.  I jumped up and yelled "what are you guys doing here", they had startled me, I thought something must be wrong.  They told me that they tried calling but I didn't answer the phone, so they drove over here to find me. They told me there was no carb count in her lunch.  Kortnie was crying.  Oh brother!  Miss Sharon said she had to get back to school and asked me if  I would bring Kortnie back.  I told her thanks for bringing her and yes I'd bring her back to school, went into the kitchen where my phone was plugged in and it had turned itself off.  Stupid Smart Phone!

Kortnie checked her BG, she was 102, I looked through her lunch box and counted up 33 carbs.  She'd packed 7 strawberries-10gC, a 2gC juice pouch, peanut butter for dipping the strawberries in-5gC, and 2 cookies-9gC.  Yeah, a real healthy lunch, right?  I told her to go get a cheese stick and piece of salami out of the fridge too.  We got her bolus and I told her I'd take her back to school, she started crying again and told me she only had 1 minute to get back to class!  She was upset with me that my phone was off and she wasted all of her eating and recess time with her friends trying to call me.  So, she stayed home and ate, she got calmed down and I took her back to school about 20 minutes after lunch ended. 

She's had a rough week, the UTI stuff, she's tired from the infection and the medicine, I think today kind of pushed her over the edge for a minute. 

I am tired.  It's not just Diabetes, there are other things dragging me down too, it all just gets to be a lot sometimes. 


  1. Geez! That stinks.

    Why didn't the school nurse count the carbs? Seems like a reasonable thing to do.

    Hang in there girl. xo

  2. Ahhh! Today is a new day! Say a prayer or two