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Monday, September 24, 2012

Diabetes Art Day 2012

Today, September 24th is Diabetes Art Day

A brief description of the movement from the website says...

Diabetes Art Day is a web-based initiative for the Diabetes Online Community to “tell a story” about life with diabetes though creative visual expression. It’s a way for us to tell our stories so we can connect and share with each other and with our loved ones. It’s a way to generate diabetes awareness outside of the DOC by sharing artwork on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and community websites. Diabetes Art Day is for people young and old with any type of diabetes and their families, so children, spouses, parents, siblings, or anyone who is affected by diabetes can participate. For this one day, you’re encouraged to break out of your linguistic comfort zone, bust out some art materials, and make a piece of artwork – painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, an installation piece, a mixed media something or other, or whatever you can imagine. Whether you have lots of experience making art or none at all, Diabetes Art Day is for you to show the world what it’s like to live with diabetes in that “a picture is worth 1000 words” kind of way.

Yesterday morning, I told Kortnie all about Diabetes Art Day, I told her that you take some of your diabetes stuff trash, and make something out of it, then take a picture of it and put it on the internet.   When we got home from church, Kortnie asked me if she could make something.  She gathered her supplies, I showed her some photos of previous years Diabetes Art, and she and her sister went to town.  This is our first year participating.  I have to say I'm pretty pleased with what that girls came up with, and I had fun taking pictures of their art.  While I was taking pictures of their art, I took some photos of some of their supplies.  I made a few collages to upload to the website.

Here are a few more pictures we took.
 A bunch of test strips, some insets, cartridges, and insulin vials.  Some lego guys and little brother's ambulances.  This was definitly inspired by some of the Diabetes Art we looked at online.

A peace sign made out of One Touch and Accu-Check test strips bottles. 

 Kortnie has been saving test strips all year, this is a bottle of some that they didn't use.

 Leftover supplies.  Alchol wipes, smarties, syringes, pump tubing, syringe caps, test strips, gluc tabs.

Kortnie and Stasia with their masterpiece.  

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