Kortnie at the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diabetes Stole my Mojo

We all know that when kids come along our Mojo flies out the window, for awhile, but it comes back.  I find, for me, being the parent of a chronically ill kid, I sometimes a lot of the time, have to work really hard to keep it.

My husband and I have a standing date, pretty much about once a week we enjoy a nice hot bath in our jacuzzi tub.  We relax, we talk, we listen to music, we get to spend a few hours together without our kids and without going out to spend money that we don't really have, sometimes we bring bowls of ice cream into the tub with us.  Scandalous!  So, you can use your imagination about what may or may not happen after the bath.  You know, mojo, it's a big part of marriage. 

This past Sunday, we enjoyed our bath, it's been cold here lately and a hot bath really warmed me up, we talked and laughed, I felt relaxed and rested.  After my bath, I went to check on Kortnie, I checked her blood sugar and it was a perfect 112.  This should make me happy, right?  Well, it did, only until I noticed there was only 2 units of insulin left in her pump!   SIGH!

I woke her up, told her we needed to change her site.  She was waking up, I ran downstairs to get the insulin out of the fridge, poked my head into my room and told Brian that she needed a site change.  I went back into her room and coaxed her out of bed.  She was cranky of course!  About this time our 5 year old son woke up next door, he was whimpering, I peeked in at him, he was standing in the middle of his room whimpering, working up to a cry, pointing at his fish tank.  Brian came in and got him, I went back to Kortnie. 

It took a few minutes but we got the site done, and I got her back to bed.  Went to look for Brian and I found him curled up in bed with our son, fast asleep.   Aw, what a sweet site, but....MOJO IS GONE NOW!   Woke him up and told him to come to bed.  We settled in and fell asleep. 

2:30am, I must have turned off my alarm, I woke up around 4am and had to go potty, so I went and checked on Kortnie.  BG of 368, wow, that is an unexpected high, gave her a bolus and took myself back to bed.

Fast forward to 6:30am, I was looking forward to getting the kids off to school, Brian had the day off and I didn't have any of my daycare kids coming until 11!  Oh yeah, my mojo was finding its way back.

Went to wake up the kids, Kortnie woke up crying, saying her stomach hurt and she has a headache.  Oh No!  I handed her, her test kit and went to wake up my son.  Come back into the girls room, Kortnie is laying on the floor in front of her dresser, checker on tummy, fast asleep.  UGH!  I woke her up and checked her BG-401!  I can feel that mojo slipping away....AGAIN! 

I tell her to go check her Ketones, they come back Large.  Time for another site change, because at this point, you know it's a site failure.  Pulled the site off, bent cannula.  So, she got no insulin from around 10:30pm-6:30am.  I gave her a shot, changed the site, did a temp basal increase of +50% for 1.5 hours, she started throwing up bile, I held her hair and when she was done I gave her a couple tylenol and a glass of water, and put her back in MY bed with MY husband (her dad) and the dog, because you know, Daddys and dogs make it all better. MOJO GONE!  She was upset too because of course she was going to miss school and it was a field trip day.

Yep, that's it, for sure, it's gone, gone, gone. 

I got the other 2 kids off to school, came back upstairs and looked down on my sweet girl, snuggled up with her pump, a throw up bucket, and her dog, fast asleep and reaching across the bed to keep her hand on daddy's arm.  She was so pale and breathing heavily, Brian was rolled on his side watching her.  It could have been a sweet sight to see.  If only there wasn't a throw up bucket involved. 

I climbed in bed with them and whispered to my husband that I was sad our Mojo got sidetracked again, he said it was okay and that we'd find it again soon. 

Oh, diabetes you take so much, why you gotta take my Mojo too? 

It's got me thinking about what happens when my baby grows up and starts getting her own Mojo-not until she's 55 of course!  But, how much effort does a PWD (Person With Diabetes) have to put in to keep her Mojo.  Do you check your BG before you get busy or after, or both before and after?  What do you do with your pump?  Do you take it off, do you set a temp basal.  Geez the planning the must have to go into it, no spontaneity?  Honestly I don't want to think about Kortnie having any mojo, but on the other hand I do wonder how it all works, after all, I do want grandbabies someday.  Kind of makes me sad, I'm sad that Diabetes messes with my Mojo, but I'm even sadder that someday she'll maybe have to work so hard at keeping hers.


  1. I was tired just reading. you make me laugh, although I know its not a funny manner. But your talk of mojo, yep I am still giggling!! She will be a pro by the time she is 55 :) Um not with her mojo but with her diabetes. :)

    1. Haha, I actually wasn't that tired, I think you get used to sleeping in 2-4 hour blocks of time. Yeah, dang Diabetes-Mojo Killer! It is a little bit funny, I need to giggle at it too, I can't be crying and whining all the time! :)

  2. You're such a great storyteller. You should write a book.

    1. Thank you Katie, that is such a nice compliment. Someday, my Kortnie will read this and I hope she thinks I'm a good storyteller, instead of rolling her eyes at me and saying, "Really, mom, you had to write about your Mojo!"