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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Longest Night

I am one tired Mama, it's been a week of  bad sleep for me.

My husband has his hunt this week, he went camping Friday and Saturday night.  I don't sleep well when he's gone.  Our bed is too big, I miss him.  Sunday mid-morning he came home and had a shower and then left again.  He got home Sunday night around 8pm.  Monday-Wednesday he's been going out at 5am and coming home around 8pm. 

I usually go to bed at 10:30pm, wake up at 2:30am to check Kortnie's blood sugar, and then wake up again at 6-6:30am to get the kids off to school and Brian off to work. 

This week, it's been more like bed at 10:30 or 11pm, up at 2:30am, up at 4:30am to get Brian off to hunt, then up at 6:15am to get the kids to school, and then I have my daycare kids arrive around 7am. 

Last night was the worst.  I put the kids to bed at 8:30pm, and decided that I was going to bed too, Brian had gotten home and eaten some dinner and he's beat too so he was gonna go to bed with me. 

I checked Kortnie's blood sugar around 8:30pm, she was 67 with insulin on board, she had a juice box, she had eaten rice for dinner so I knew her blood sugar would most likely spike.

I got myself in bed around 9ish.  I set my alarm for 11pm, 2:30am, 4:30am, and 6:15am. 

Around 10:10pm my text message ringtone beeped at me,  it woke me up so I went and checked Kortnie, she was 225 (thanks juice), I gave her a bolus of insulin, went back to bed, turned off my 11pm alarm.

About 1:30am I could hear Kortnie's pump alarming, I laid there trying to figure out what the alarm might be for, couldn't remember the last time we changed out her insulin and site, so I thought, "oh dang, she's probably out of insulin, great, just great."  I got up and went to see what it was, the pump was saying she had less than 10Units of insulin, okay that'll get us until 6am, while I was in there I checked her blood sugar, hoping I could turn off my 2:30am alarm.  She was 63, sigh, fed her a juice box in her sleep, went to the bathroom and back to bed.  Had to leave my 2:30am alarm on.

2:30am went and checked her blood sugar again, to make sure she was staying in a safe sleeping range (for us that's above 100), she was 121.  Back to bed again.

4am Brian's alarm went off.  I must have been tired, because next thing I know, my 4:30am alarm was going off.  He was in the shower which was good because I didn't have to kick him out of bed, but I did get up and go make sure his lunch for the day was all set.  I went back to bed and kind of dozed off and on while he finished getting ready to leave.  I vaguely remember him kissing me before he went downstairs and then also hearing his friends truck outside our house and the door shut when he left, that must have been right around 5.

6:15am, my alarm was going off, time to wake up.  Thank goodness for  Anastasia (my oldest, she's 9, almost 10) who went and got up my littlest and helped him get dressed so I could help Kortnie change out her site and insulin.

Pancreating in the night sucks extra when you also wife-ing (yeah I made up that word wife-ing) a hunter. I guess I still managed to get maybe 5 hours of sleep, but I am definitly already looking forward to bedtime tonight. 

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