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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Super Awesome Turkey and Day 7 NHBPM

I interrupt this blog posting month to show you this super cute turkey craft my T1 daughter made.  The assignment was to get creative and dress up this turkey, all of the 3rd Grade turkeys will be decorating the cafeteria at their school.  Kortnie decided that she wanted to make her turkey look like herself, she found an old nasty site in her bathroom.  She usually has a shower on site change day, she can take her pump and site off and have a 15 minute un-connected shower about every 3 days, that is exciting stuff!  Apparently, there are some rogue sites floating around in there.  She also found an old tube in the stash of extra stuff in my closet.   I thought this was a grand idea, so I started looking around at some of our old pamphlets and diabetes propaganda and found a picture of a pump, meter, and poker that I didn't mind cutting out for her to use.  She made the dress out of scrapbook paper, and its totally something she would wear, she found an old silk flower in her bedroom and used that for a hair pretty, she even used a used bloody test strip.  She said her favorite BG number to be is 108 so that is the number she picked to write on her meter.  She asked me to draw a medic alert bracelet on the turkey too.   Isn't  it pretty?

Now for NHBPM Day 7, today's prompt was to Re-Design a doctors office.  Well, there are tons of things I would do to make a doctors office more fun. 
Our Endocrinologist has two different offices.  His main office is very nice, there is a window in the waiting room overlooking a grassy area with some sidewalks.  Its a nice view to look out on, other than that it is pretty boring.  There is a TV in there, but it plays some boring diabetes channel.  You would think that would be okay since after all, it is an Endo office, but, it's a Pediatric Endocrinologist.  The boring diabetes channel is kind of scary.    His satellite office is kind of blah too, he does have some cool Star Wars stuff hanging up in there behind the receptionists desk.  Our local family doctor here in town is pretty boring too, but the exam rooms are themed and fun.  Our Dentist waiting room is probably the best waiting room, it's small, but has tons of magazines and a Lego table.
Now with doctors offices you usually spend a lot of time in the waiting room, although for our Endocrinologist I don't think we've ever waited more than 10 minutes, if that, but usually just Kortnie and I and her dad if he's able to come with us, go back to see the doctor.  I'd like the waiting room to be a little more fun for Stasia and Graham since they sit there and wait for us for 45 minutes or so. 
What I'd like to see in doctors office waiting rooms in general.
-Better cell phone service, 3G and/or Wifi.  I am not a fan of people sitting and talking on the phone, but with the technology we have these days with smart phones and laptops, waiting rooms would be a lot less boring if we could surf the net. 
-More light, seems like they are always kind of dark and dreary, they need better lighting or windows.  Plants would be nice too.
-Fish Tanks, I love a waiting room with a fish tank!
-Boxes of tissues and hand sanitizer dispensers. 
-When I was pregnant with my daughters, my OBGYN had jokes on the ceiling above the exam table, she changed them often.  I loved those, all OBGYN's should have them.
What I'd like to see in Pediatric Waiting rooms
-More Color, paint your walls, go with a theme, something-anything!  It will ease the stress of the kids if they have something happy to look at.
-More magazines or books that cater to the kids, its nice that they have stuff for moms to look at, but wouldn't it be so much better if there were kids books that the mom could read to the kids, that would help relax them and take their mind off whatever they are there for.
-TV's of course are always a hit, but not boring medical channels.  Disney movies, PBS Cartoons, specialty kids news shows or cooking shows, Discovery Kids channel, I am sure there are tons of options.
-Fish Tanks, I mentioned that already, but kids love fish tanks too!
-Themed exam rooms, a different theme in each one, so the kid looks forward to which exam room they might get.
-Something to do in the exam room, I feel like we wait in there more than we wait in the waiting room.  Games, books, TV, just something.
-We used to go to a Pediatric Dentist in Flagstaff, they had an awesome waiting room, cool chairs to sit on, kites hanging from the ceiling, a jungle painted on the wall with stuffed animals hanging from the walls, even a slide and some fun toys, kid magazines as well as mom and even dad magazines, and the best part was that they had a separate entrance for the kids, a small kid sized door!
What would you like to see in doctors offices? 
My Status from Facebook today with my Diabetes Fact of the Day and Thankful post of the day was...
The Election is over, emotions are all over the place. It is what it is. Now its time to get back to what November really means. It should be a month for Thankfulness in our Country - and for me it and my family it is also Diabetes Awareness Month.
*Diabetes Fact of the Day* - In one year, a person with Type 1 Diabetes will give him/herself a minimum of 1,460 injections.
Today I am *Thankful* for the community that I live in, the roof over my head, my husband, my kids, and my dog (and our other crazy pets too).

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