Kortnie at the 2011 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, Tempe Town Lake, Tempe, AZ

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 17 My Strengths and Weaknesses

Did you think I gave up on posting everyday?  Well, I got busy with a fun weekend with my kids.  It was my oldest's birthday and my other 2 kids got invited to a few other birthday parties.  Here I am, though, gonna get back on track and play catch up!

So, Friday the 17th, the prompt was my Strengths and Weaknesses.  This is hard for me, to think of these things about myself or about Kortnie, and relate them to taking care of Diabetes, but I'll try, here goes.

Me-My Strengths
1.  I am getting pretty good at guessing portion sizes and carb counts, it's called SWAG-ing, Scientific Wild A$$ Guessing.
2.  I am one of the only people it seems who can look at Kortnie and see that something is wrong-blood sugar wise.  It's in her eyes.  Her dad is getting okay at this too, and about this time of year her teachers start getting okay at it too. 
3.  I can give a good combo bolus while I'm driving-maybe not a strength, it's probably just about as bad as texting and driving-which I never do
4.  I'm starting to get this D-stuff figured out, which means that I will be thrown a curve ball pretty soon!

Me-My Weaknesses
1.  I still get mad and sad and curse the evil Diabetes way too often.
2.  I get tired and sleep through my alarm when I'm supposed to be checking Kortnie.
3.  I let Kortnie's Diabetes trump other things, like time with my other kids, time with my husband, and time for myself. 
4.  I sometimes put too much of Diabetes care and responsibility on Kortnie.  I get tired and I sometimes make her do too much.  I want her to learn how to take care of herself, but I also don't want her to get all burnt out on it right now, she has a lifetime to take care of herself.

Kortnie-She is all strength, no weakness!  She hardly ever complains about having Diabetes, she's come so far, she does more than any other 8 year old should have to do.  She can read nutrition labels, she can measure up or weigh goldfish or cereal or whatever.  She can change her site and cartridge in her pump (sometimes she still wants me to do it), she can figure out what her blood sugar numbers mean and give herself sugar or insulin if she needs to.  She is awesome and brave and strong, and we love her!

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