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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10, A Little Funny for Your Saturday Morning

Today's prompt is to write a LOL post, write something funny or share something you thought was funny. 

Diabetes has give us a few funny moments, I wrote about one awhile back in Peeing on Sticks, Ketones or Pregnancy?

A funny little conversation between Kortnie and I.  Here is an excerpt from that post.

Tomorrow is my son's birthday (Kortnie's little brother), Kortnie asked what time Graham was born. I said something like 6:30am, she got out his baby book to look, she came across something I had written about how I found out I was pregnant on Halloween day and the conversation went like this....

Kortnie: How'd you find out you're pregnant on Halloween Day?
Me: I peed on a stick and it told me.
Kortnie: Eeeeewwww!
Me: That's how you find out, you pee on a stick and it tells you if you are pregnant or not.
Kortnie: Oh! Just like ketones!
(when she checks for ketones she most often pees on a stick, and it changes color depending on how many ketones she has, ketones are bad, it means your body is burning fat for energy instead of burning the glucose for energy, they can make you very sick)
Me: Um, yeah, just like that.....but better

Things only a Type 1 Kid would think of.

And yeah, peeing on stick and finding out if you are pregnant is way better that peeing on a stick and finding out you have ketones.

She looked thru his baby book further and read what I wrote about him sleeping for 22 hours straight after he was born and not eating, the nurses poked his heel and he had low blood sugar and so they poured sugar water on my nipple and stripped him down and made him cold so he would wake up and eat.

She thought that was the meanest thing and is now concerned about him having low BG when he was a brand new baby.

One other funny thing I can think of, we were shopping once, shortly after diagnosis, and I had been looking at the sides of boxes and checking out the carbs on things, I guess I would sort of read out loud and talk to myself and compare different things,carb-wise and money-wise.

So, we were shopping, just Graham and I, he was 2 when Kortnie was diagnosed, so he probably would have been maybe around 3 when this happened.

He wanted some brownies or cupcakes or something, we were in the baking aisle at Walmart, it was one of those rare times when I let him out of the cart to walk around with me.  He picked up a box of brownie mix, turned it to the side, and said to himself, or to me,

"Oh, brownies, eight-seven carbs, we can have that!" and put it in the cart.

Funny!  Well, funny to me.  He was just a little guy, he didn't know how to read, but he did know that carbs was something that mommy liked to look at.  And, no there were eighty-seven carbs in a brownie, he was just making stuff up, because he thought that would get him the brownies.  Well, yes, he's so cute and funny, he got the brownies. 

Graham is my little guy, he sticks close to me and helps me with everything, he is exactly 3 years younger than Kortnie and 5 years younger than Stasia, so when we are all home, he is usually hanging out with me and helping me.  He still to this day, will go to the bottom of the stairs and call up to the girls fro me when it is dinner time. 

"Girls!  It's time for dinner, Kortnie come check your Diaaaabeeeteees!"

Graham will never remember a life without diabetes in our house.  It's all normal to him.  The rest of us remember life before diabetes, but he doesn't.  I think its kind of funny.

He is 5 now, she is 8, our oldest is almost 10.  Lately, he's been telling her he is a robot, because he is a boy, he likes robots and transformers and he thinks its cool that his sister has robot parts, tubes coming out of her and little computers on her belt, a little thing that sucks up her blood and gives her numbers.  It's all really cool to him.  I keep telling them we should look for the show Bionic Woman on Netflix because Kork is like the Bionic Woman. 

 This is Kortnie with her cousin H who is 3, we don't live close to these guys, so we don't see them often, I think this was the 2nd time we've been around little H.  Over the summer we were all at Grandpa and Grandma's house together.  She was very interested in "Kortnie's buttons", she ask us, "I push buttons?"  Um, no, please don't pus the buttons, cute girl.  She wanted to check her BG, everytime Kortnie would get her stuff out, little H would come running over to see if she could help push buttons or check her own BG.  So funny and cute.
We never ended up checking little H's BG, because I just didn't want to poke her and make her bleed.  But, we did give her a site, one of Kortnie's sites went bad, so it was still sticky when we pulled it off, Hannah was there watching of course, and we gave her the old site.  We did not insert it with a needle, we just stuck it on her with a sticker and let the tube hang down.  She was going around showing everyone, that she has a "pink heart on my arm, like Kortnie"  she wore all evening and wore it to bed, it fell off in her sleep, but she found it and stuck it back on in the morning and wore it until all the stick finally wore off.  She made Kortnie feel good, can you tell by the smile on Kork's face?  She thought it was funny and she liked it too. 

Diabetes Fact of the Day

Kortnie is slowly losing or mixing up her memories of life before diabetes, eventually she won't really remember much of life before D, because really, how many of us have vivid pre 5 year old memories?   It is kind of sad to me that she won't remember a life without her disease, but it could also be a little of a blessing too I guess.  Sometimes I think that I am glad she developed it so young because that way it is easier for us to teach her how to take care of herself if she doesn't remember anything else.  But, then I feel guilty about thinking that. 

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