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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 26 Memes, Posters, and Funnies

I skipped Day 25, my last skip day for the month.

Here is Day 26, the prompt was Make a chart, meme, or poster and write about it.

I am not that creative, so I'll share with you some of the funnies I've seen. I have a whole pinboard over at Pintrest that I pin stuff I think is funny or inspirational to me about T1D. You can check it out here.

Our juice box of choice.  So true, at 2am when I'm trying to sleep feed her juice, it seems like I can never get the straw in!

This comes from diabeticallyyours.com
funny because its all true

Funny to me, not sure who made this, it's on my pinboard.

My theme when I am giving the kids their meals or at a buffet or family dinner.  If you are talking to me, and my mouth is moving and my eyes looked glazed over and I hold up a hand to make you stop, don't get offended, I am trying to count the carbs on Kork's plate, and add in the dessert or 2nd helpings I think she might have later.  I find it's too hard to listen to someone talk to me while I do this, my brain can't do a million things at once.  LOL

This one comes from tudiabetes.org

Advice for newly diagnosed T1D's and their support people, moms, dads, etc.  I see sometimes we tell them that it'll get easier, but I am not sure it really does.  We just get better at dealing with it, and better at figuring out our emotions.  It's always hard though, and it always sucks.

I am always doing this!

Yes!  LOL, hotel rooms are too dark.


Does this even need explaining?

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